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  • Version: 8.5

A Free and Capable DVD Player for Windows

ALLPlayer is a free and fast media player application for PCs running Windows 8 and higher. The tool supports keyboard shortcuts and multiple languages, and can play a range of video and audio files.

Installing and Setting It Up

The procedure to set up the tool is brief, and which includes all components, such as, remote controller, and Catzilla, a benchmarking tool. Moreover, the tool uses already installed or existing codecs to play your favorite movies. In the following stages, you can choose the UI layout of your choice. During startup, the tool lets you turn smart subtitles on. These are called “smart” because they intelligently alter the time the subtitles show up so that they match your reading speed. Not to mention, the interface is minimalistic and comfortable to use. Standard controls are at the bottom, which let you pause, stop and resume videos.

Plays Videos Quickly

After you install the ALLPlayer software, you can start playing DVD videos within seconds. Compared to most DVD players, ALLPlayer gets to the task quickly. While playing video in full screen, it would use less than 10 percent of your computer’s remaining CPU power. This means you can use ALLPlayer and simultaneously browse the web without experiencing any stutter or slow down. The base version can read DVDs, MPEG-4s, WMVs, and also RealVideo files. If you want to play more video file types, you would have to download additional plugins.

ALLPlayer - FREE Video player with support for torrent streaming and subtitles.

Happy with your video player? ... just try ALLPlayer 6!

* built-in codecs to play any audio/video files ( with support for 4K and ULTRA HD)

* playing movies and TV series from torrents (just drag and drop torrent file)

* internet radio stations

* automatic download of matching subtitles

* ALLPlayer remote app for smartphone or tablet (for Android OS)

All functions are easily accessible, the exact moment they are needed, and with automatic and free codecs updates can you play any video or audio files.

One of the biggest advantages of the program is cooperation with the best subtitles servers (eg and downloading matching subtitles in multiple languages. In case, there are not subtitles yet, you will be notified when they are available.

Unprecedented in other players function is to play torrents of movies and series with matching subtitles without downloading it to the local disk.


  • Quick to launch
  • Runs smooth and fast
  • Doesn’t consumer too much CPU power
  • Installer is customizable


  • Doesn’t natively support all types of media files
  • Optional bloatware could slow your computer down
  • Online movies may not load at times
  • Support is limited

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ALLPlayer 8.5 for PC

User reviews about ALLPlayer

  • Anonymous

    by Anonymous

    it nice .
    an about to test the video player and i have not yet used it wen i do i will give you a reply

  • Anonymous

    by Anonymous

    Great video player with video streaming and subtitles downloading..
    Great for streaming video from torrent network. Just drag andMore

  • Anonymous

    by Anonymous

    Good player.
    It's not bad. I prefer it to VLC. Can download matching subtitles.

  • Anonymous

    by Anonymous

    Quite interesting.
    I started using this player and I like it more and more. It has a few interesting features for me like codecs More

  • Anonymous

    by Anonymous

    Nice GUI, ALLPlayer is great.
    I tried this video player which was new to me and thanks to codecs download function I opened a fewMore

  • Anonymous

    by Anonymous

    Good video player.
    It can open all my video files. I tried a few other players but this one is the one I like most of all.

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